About Us

We have a true passion for fundraising.

Why TCI?

With thirty years of experience in conducting fundraisers for police and fire organizations, TCI has developed a reputation for running professional campaigns that positively reflect your image in the community. Having conducted over 5,000 of these campaigns, TCI has the knowledge and the experience to ensure that your drive will achieve your financial objectives. At the same time, you will enhance your reputation and create a more positive relationship with the citizens of your community.

Our imaginative staff will develop creative and diverse fundraising programs that will continue to engage and entertain your community and sustain their support year after year. We are always the innovator, never the imitator. 

We Do All of the Work: We handle all aspects of the telemarketing campaign. Your only commitment is to meet with our representatives every Friday during the fundraiser to account for those funds collected during the week. We establish the office, install the phones, provide personnel, and pay all costs relating to your campaign.

Our Programs Cost You Nothing: The revenues generated through the fundraiser cover all operations and program expenses. You are guaranteed a percentage of the gross revenues, which are paid to you on a weekly basis. There are no "hidden" expenses left for you to pay.

We Keep You Involved: We value your involvement and opinions throughout the campaign. Your account executive will meet with you before, during and after the campaign to ensure that all of your questions are answered, and will always be available to discuss any concerns that you may have. If you wish, you may arrange for an officer of your organization to directly observe our fundraising operations, or visit our home office in Seekonk, Massachusetts. 

We Value Your Good Name: We understand that how your campaign is conducted directly reflects your image in the community. Every aspect of your campaign is conducted with the highest standards of honesty, credibility, and integrity. 

Our History


Mark D. Hayes is the founder and original designer of TCI America as we see it today. While working under the direction of the Rhode Island Attorney General's office, Mark recognized a floundering industry of police and firefighter fundraising; it was obvious there was a real need for this service.

In 1977 Telco Communications (TCI America) was founded. Mark, with his wife Kathleen, applied modern business practices and standards. He created a company with solid personnel and a legal department to communicate with state regulatory procedure and went to court to establish new fundraising law that was clear and fair. He standardized operating procedures for training, accounting, and innovative and exciting programs. The company took off and within five years was operating nationally. TCI was listed in INC. 500 Magazine twice as one of "America's Fastest Growing Companies".

Today TCI America is a multi-million dollar company employing over one hundred people with over two hundred clients. Mark has a B.A. degree from Roger Williams University and attended the University of North Carolina for a M.A. in clinical psychology. He enjoys visiting his home in Costa Rica and spending time with his four children and three grandchildren.

What We Offer

Legal Expertise: Establishing clarification on fundraising laws was a necessary part of TCI America's expansion. In the 1980's, with the innovative aggressive strategy of our outstanding attorney, Peter S. Brooks, TCI challenged existing fundraising laws. We took our arguments to the highest federal courts in many states and won resounding victories that forced the states to recognize the rights of police and firefighters to raise funds for their union and their many charitable efforts, including those for their own injured or fallen members. Peter has championed our cause for over twenty five years and continues to work to guarantee our client's rights.

Experienced Account Executives: Our account executives are the most experienced in the industry, which means you are ensured the highest level of service before, during, and after your campaign. Each client is assigned to a dedicated account executive, who will coordinate all activities related to your fundraiser and is always available to answer any questions you may have. At TCI, service makes a difference.

Clearly Documented Procedures: With thousands of successful fundraisers to our credit, we know what it takes to run a smooth campaign. In fact, we've developed a client policy manual which outlines the steps we follow in running your fundraiser, and details how you'll be involved with your campaign. As one of the oldest fundraising companies in the country TCI has experience that you will find no where else.  

Meet the Team

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Michael Young

Vice President

Michael began his career with TCI at the age of eighteen as a telemarketer, raising money for firefighters and police unions around New England. In a short time Mike was promoted to sales manager, training and motivating other telemarketers. Mike Young is one of the most energetic and upbeat people you will ever meet and it was this vigor that helped him to continue to climb his way up in the company. Soon he was promoted to Regional Sales Director and eventually became the Vice President of TCI, a title he has assumed since 1993. With TCI since 1984, Mike has experience in every different position of our company. Mike Young is not only versatile but knows everything there is to know about fundraising. Mike spends his free time with his wife and three sons. He has an interest in antiques and has been known to enjoy many a good cigar.

Bob Remick

National Sales Manager

As the National Sales Manager Bob Remick oversees the daily work of our Account Executives. After graduating from the University of Rhode Island, Bob worked as an admissions representative at the New England Institute of Technology and eventually made his way to TCI. Joining our company in 1987 Bob is one of the most experienced in his profession. His light hearted humor and his vast expertise in sales makes working with him a laugh a minute. When not hard at work helping the non-profit organizations of our community, Bob can often be found bicycling, boating, or spending time with his family.

Chris Lima

Account Executive

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Chris made a successful career for himself in radio advertising. When Mark Hayes met Chris at a wedding he was immediately taken by his friendly and determined personality. He hired him on the spot. Joining the company in 1984, Chris has a great deal of experience in fundraising and has befriended many of his loyal clients. His young and vibrant spirit brings a quality to the office that cannot be replaced. Chris has always been an avid sports fan and participant and when not at TCI he shares this obsession with his two young children.

Paul Williams

Account Executive

With seventeen years at TCI, four as a sales manager and thirteen as an account executive, Paul Williams brings experience from both sides of the fundraising industry. Signing over five hundred contracts with non-profit organizations in the community, he has proved to be one of TCI's greatest assets. With experience that you will find nowhere else in the area, Paul Williams will answer any questions you could ever have about fundraising. Coordinating his time between his family, going to Sox games, and dedicating himself to his clients is no easy task but Paul manages to do it all with ease and good humor.

Veronica Mello

Head of Graphic Designs

Veronica is a second generation employee at TCI. Her mother, Irene, shared her graphic flair for many years then passed the baton to Veronica, who now heads up the staff of four graphic designers who create interesting book layouts and exciting ads for the contributors in your community. Veronica brings her creativity to all that she does. She is a devoted Elvis fan, a great animal lover, and one of TCI's greatest assets.

Paula Beliveau


Paula has been a loyal and dedicated employee of TCI for almost twenty years. As controller for a multi-million dollar corporation, Paula works in her quiet and deliberate way to organize all the client accounts, handle regulatory requirements, satisfy vendor obligations and generally be accountable for our financial well-being. Some say she has magical powers when she deciphers the TCI account executive expense reports. Between TCI and an active family Paula has little leisure time but she does enjoy riding her bike, working in her yard, and reading a good book on the beach.

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All of us at TCI would like to thank you for considering our company. With our outstanding publications and energy packed community oriented entertainment, TCI has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for thousands of clients worldwide in our thirty year history.